Our Services

New Home Construction

Whether it is a new construction project or an alteration, with strong local experience as residential builders and contractors, our team has the experience and specialization to build your new home, townhouse, or unit. 

Building Inspection

If you're buying or renting a property, a sound building inspection will go a long way to avoid future headaches. Our team of construction experts is ready to conduct a thorough inspection and help you along your home owner or occupier journey. 

Renovations and Additions

Wanting to remodel an existing dwelling, add an extension or renovate? Our team has over 30 years experience as residential builders delivering projects within your budget, time frame, and with minimal disruption.

Expert Services

For the purposes of insurance claims, legal requirements or court proceedings, our team has experience providing impartial and standards-based evaluations, construction expert, and witness services.

Sydney's Residential Builder, Contractor, Construction Expert

Our team has over 30 years of experience; industry accreditation with Housing Industry Association (HIA) - the highest governing body in the Australian construction industry; and multidisciplinary experience across construction, engineering, science and design. We will lead your projects with integrity and transparency, sharing our specialized expertise in the unique building standards and processes in Sydney, as well as navigating the unique geological and environmental factors of the Sydney region.

ABN: 36 066 801 885, Builder's License Number: 115887C